Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mandroid (1993)

"It's Power is in Your Hands!"

Recently on the blog we have been watching some classic examples of slapstick cheese courtesy of the kind folks at 88 Films and Full Moon Entertainment. Don't worry, that will keep coming by the bucket load but today we are looking a film that isn't played for laughs but it's just as cheesetastic and just as enjoyable. Strap on your headsets because we are looking at:

Mandroid is a 1993 flick directed by a Swedish guy named Jack Esgard, set in Russia, shot in Romania and boasts a predominantly American cast. Yeah, that's a whole load of factors right there! Deep in a hidden lab a professor has created Manborg, a thought controlled humanoid for the good of mankind and science. Unfortunately for him his partner wants to sell the droid to the military because boy is this a killing machine in the making. He steals it but gets horrifically disfigured in the process but that doesn't stop him... Oh hell no! There's a whole lot of awesome you can expect with this one ladies and gents including a mask wearing psycho, an unstopable killing machine and... a man who is slwoly becoming invisible?

It's another simple tale of greed and power tokd brilliantly. Yeah, it's cheesy as hell but that's why we watch these films right? You can marvel at how badass the mandroid is. You can squirm at the site of our disfigured supervillain and you can be on the floor in stitches at the hilariously bad Russian accents. Yeah it's one of those early 90's action flicks that are hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Bad stereotype accents (thank the fuhrer this isn't set in ze Germany!) aside, it's a well acted romp that will keep your attention throughout.

Overall, I would suggest you give it a try. I enjoyed it but wouldn't say it was as entertaining as the campy schlock I have reviewed over the past couple of days. If you love your early 90's so bad it's good action then this is a great film for you to sink your rusty little teeth into. For those of you aware with the fantastically crap budget DVD label here in the UK called Hollywood DVD... Yeah it's a film that you would expect to see on one of their amazing multipacks. However, this isn't just a throw away pickup to fill up a space in your collection!

88 Films have done another brilliant job with this release and comes with the added extras you come to expect. The short film this time however is in the form of a behind the scenes/ making of feature which I am guessing was take from a TV show or something? I don't know but it is a nice extra as you never really see a making of or behind the scenes feature for a film like this. I enjoyed it for what it was and the 81 minute runtime flew by. Oh by the way, I mentioned an invisible man earlier right? Well, you have to watch the follow up film to this to see where that one goes. I think I will have to invest my time into that one... If I do... I will let you know!


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