Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Rock am Ring 2014 Overview

Hello everyone. Long time, no see. Yeah, it's a common thing on my blog but I have good reason... which I'm not going to go in to here because hey, I'm lazy. Seriously though, my studies are over and I have lots of free time here in Germany so I can now get back to writing and that's why I thought it would be a great idea to use this time to talk about my first ever Rock am Ring. You won't be reading this if you don't know what it is so I will spare you the word count of explaining. I did this same exact post for the time I spent at the SouthSide Festival a few years a go so it just felt right. So, let's get on with it!



I like The Offspring. Yeah they're a bit cheesy and more comedy music for teenagers than serious musicians (fuck you haters) but I thought they would be entertaining and pretty solid. Well, after a few songs I was totally wrong. Even Jeanny, who is a genuine fan, thought they were terrible. It was just so dull and uninspired. Needless to say, we left after about 4 songs.


I will freely admit that the majority of bands playing at this years festival were bands that I knew songs of but nothing too serious. Iron Maiden was one of those. Aside from the obvious better known songs, Maiden's discography is largely lost on me. They were the headline act for the first day and for my money, the absolute highlight of the festival. The power of Bruce's voice matched with the musical talent resulted in one of the best live performances I have been to. Just goes to show you that the old school can really wipe the floor with this generations musicians.



I can't say I'm a big fan of these guys but damn, did they put on a good show. Fans would definitely have loved this. To me though, Buckcherry are one of those douchey rock bands that just sings about chicks with big tits and boasting about their dick sizes. Seriously guys, you don't need to use the word fuck in every sentence between songs.


Kasabian is one of those bands that were pretty fucking amazing when they first started. I still enjoy their debut album and own some of their earlier singles. Their last few releases though? Kinda bland and losing what I loved about them when I first heard them. That being said, they did a fairly good job this year but they could played a few more of their older tracks for my liking. I do like the sound of their upcoming stuff though. I think Kasabain suit being heard live in a club or smaller venue rather than a big festival.


I won't lie. I never knew who Mastadon were before I read the lineup. I hadn't managed to hear much before I went to the festival but damn, from the few songs I got to watch. I was pretty fucking impressed. Only saw a few tracks because Jeanny and I were just floating about before going to check out Friday's headliner.


Just like Kasabian, early Kings of Leon is amazing. What genuinely pisses me off is when bands completely change their sound and image just to be a bit popular. The 14 year old girls who dress like 20 year old women who love 'Sex is on Fire' probably don't know what Kings used to look or sound like.  Jeanny loves Kings of Leon so I was more than happy to join her and listen to the tracks that I know and love. Overall, a very solid performance all round. Do I think they deserved to be a headliner? No not really but yeah, who am I to judge?



OK, I'm not a 13 year old girl. I'm not a Myspace tween who says she's bisexual just to get a boyfriend. I'm not even a posey misunderstood goof who self harms purely for picture comments. I have no reason to listen to the shit that Fall Out Boy call music. Why did I watch them then? Jeanny and I were once again pottering about and thought it would be quite funny to check them out. Thankfully, after 2 songs, we left. The end.


There were quite a few German hip-hop and rap artists at this years Rock am Ring. Some of them are fun but to be honest, most of them are purely comedy based which is bloody annoying. These guys however, are pure old school. This year marked their 25th year together so they're pretty much the German version of The Beastie Boys. These guys were awesome! Some great beats and a great performance overall. I really enjoyed these guys. Another highlight.


I was a little too old to really enjoy Linkin Park when I was growing up. They weren't for me. I wasn't an angry youth who wanted music to relate to. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing these guys by any stretch. They just weren't for me! These guys were the headline act for Saturday and fuck me sideways, did they put on a good show! I can't believe I never truly appreciated just how talented each member was. This was definitely one the best vocal performances I have heard for a while and thankfully, being the more matured cultural vulture that I am now, I am more than happy to get in to these guys properly. Nine Inch Nails were playing around the same time but to be honest, I would rather have seen them at their own gig so I was more than happy to join Jeanny who was seriously enjoying this. Such a great memory for me. *Wipes a happy tear*



Once again, I had very little knowledge of these guys so I didn't know what to expect. Going in with an open mind, I was very pleasantly surprised. Another band for me to hopefully get in to. Great show to start of the final day of the festival.


Yep, same old story. No real clue beforehand. These guys were pretty cool. Jeanny pointed out that one of of their songs was used by Triple H so I was more than willing to check them out. What did I think? Great performance but just not for me. Quite dull music but done very well. If you're a fan, you will love seeing these guys live.

Obviously, when you're going to a festival and Metallica are the main headliner.... You HAVE to go see. I was so fucking excited to see Metallica live. There was a bit of drama which meant I was split from the group as they were watching the previous act; Avenged Sevenfold. I got pushed out of the front zone because some douches were fighting and I couldn't get back in. From what I heard, Avenged were good but I didn't care because I thankfully made my way back to the stage. You know what guys? I was so underwhelmed by the actual show. The music and atmosphere was epic but it just felt like Metallica Lite! Seriously, what happened to those guys? They start the show with this goofy advert for 'Metallica: By Request' which is basically, fans choose the set-list (meaning no surprise) and then James Hetfield all the way through was PG-13 party guy. Don't get me started on the cringe worthy parts were (non) fans announced the next song.... Seriously. Metallica have become a band for hire. James, you need to get back on the drinks and drugs because you are nothing more than corporate event entertainer. Metallica should not be child friendly. But like I said, powerful performance showcasing their obvious talents but just no show. You would think that the final act playing on the final year that the event is being held at the prestigious Nürburgring would at least have fireworks or SOMETHING! Anyway, very underwhelming end to what was an amazing and historic experience for me!

Overall, I seriously had a great time. The negatives were totally outweighed by the small negatives. Oh wait, there was the whole Cro incident. Guys, you are Rock am Ring.... Cro should NOT be a special guest. Yeah a few songs off his first album were great but come on, he's on hotel and McDonalds adverts for fucks sake (English readers are like whaaaaa?). Was SO satisfied to see the majority of people who waited (like myself and Jeanny) for over an hour to find out who the special guest was just boo the shit out of him and walk out. Love it. Fuck you Cro! ANYWAY! No idea where next years event will be held but I'm so thankful to have experienced one of the word's greatest music festivals. Hopefully, all the petitions and campaigns for the money hungry owners of the
Nürburgring to lower the rent (I'm guessing) will work because it was just the best surrounding.

Great music and great people (especially my wonderful Jeanny who has opened me up to soooo many cultural experiences) make for a GREAT time.

To find out more about the festival go here.