Monday, 3 September 2012

Top 10 Scariest Video Game Music Tracks

Hello guys, it's time for something a little different. Today we are looking at the world of video games. Not just video games but the music. Not just the music but the tracks that just creep you the Hell out. I will say these songs don't all genuinely scare me but some have stories and just have a meaning to me. You may laugh at some of the choices. You may yawn at the choices. This list isn't in any particular order because there are so many songs that I have forgotten over the years, plus I'm terrible at compiling lists. I have tried to vary it up and try and look at a whole variety of games. Oh and by the way, I blatantly stole this idea from a Bloody Disgusting post recently so you can check it out by checking out link at the bottom of this post.

1. Laughing Octopus- Metal Gear Solid 4- PS3
Nobuko Toda, Shuichi Kobori, Kazuma Jinnouchi
Okay to start this list off we are looking at a game from one of the greatest franchises of all time. I love Metal Gear Solid. Ever since I kind of forced my cousin into buying Metal Gear Solid: Sons Of Liberty I have been hooked. OK, I missed MGS the first time round but I have loved it ever since that day. This track is more fast paced than scary but just the whole situation in the game mixed with this really had me on edge. The whole series is full of genuinely creepy moments and the scene where Laughing Octopus goes into her manic laughing fit after the battle and this track is one of those moments.

2. Save Theme- Resident Evil 4- Gamecube

Misao Senbongi, Shusaku Uch

The Resident Evil game franchise is fantastic. Even the modern Resident Evils are fun. As a lover of zombies, Capcom could bring out a pile of shit of a Resi game and I would still enjoy it. Resident Evil 4 although not my favourite, is a damn good game and welcome change in direction to the series plus it has one of the most hauntingly creepy yet somewhat beautiful pieces of music from the series. The save rooms in the games give you a chance to catch your breath and prepare but with this track playing in the background, it dawns on you that you have got to get back out there and kick some zombie arse!

3. Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time- Shadow Temple- N64
Koji Kondo
The N64 is hands down my favourite console of all time. I have so much love for that cartridge based piece of love! Some of my greatest video game experiences and memories belong to this console. Nintendo may not be the company they used to be but they still have the imagination and the talent they always had. I remember the excitement I felt when waiting for this game. The sheer wonder of the universe I was in whilst playing it and the amazement at playing through this for the millionth time finding secrets and just having fun. This game seriously had its creepy moments (Jesus Christ those zombies where just terrifying!). This track sums it up perfectly, the strange atmosphere of some of the places you visit. Koji Kondo is one of the greatest video game composers ever and this just showcases it.

4. Silent Hill 2- Red Pyramids- PS2
Akira Yamaoka
This is probably hands down the scariest franchise in video game history. This is also the first of 3 songs taken from Silent Hill games. I could have a list filled purely with Silent Hill songs. Silent Hill 2 is one of the deepest gaming experiences I have ever had. Dreading every corner and every door left unopened... even on your billionth playthrough. The chases with Pyramid Head and probably the most compelling thing is reading up about what the different situations and enemies represent to the different characters in the game. You have one of the most interesting and sexually repulsive pieces of gaming in history. Filled with symbolism and metaphor, genuinely fascinating stuff. This track is from the final fight with the 2 Pyramid Heads and holy crap what a climax. I was terrified during that battle. I was terrified all the way through the game.

5. Super Mario Kart- Ghost Valley- SNES
Soyo Oka
This is the part where you laugh. This track back in the day? Yeah, it kinda creeped me out when I was a nipper. The sheer minimalism and the high pitched drones. Nowadays, I could play this circuit and just be angry at how horrible I take the corners that don't have barriers but every now and then, the small smile on my face will appear when I think of the times as a child playing this and being creeped out.

6. Silent Hill -Blood Tears- PS1
Akira Yamaoka
The second Silent Hill song to appear on this list and for good reason. I still remember the day I bought this piece of gaming history. I was at Toys R Us spending my birthday money. I picked up a copy of the fantastic Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon on the N64 and this. What a nasty shock I got when I played this the first time and crapping myself when I was about to die in what turns out to be a dream. Yeah, aspects like the voice acting (Radio. What's going on with that radio?) do age this game a bit and take that edge off but this is still a damn creepy game. Am I the only one who took an extended break when I received the "Got to the school" note? This song stands out to me because of teh whole situation that's happening. If you have yet to play the game I won't spoil it but this is probably one of the saddest and cruelest moments in gaming history and with this track playing over the top, what an experience, especially first time round.

7. Legend Of Zelda: Windmill Hut- N64
Koji Kondo
Back to some Ocarina Of Time goodness and this is probably the strangest entry to the list and also one of the strangest and surreal moments in the game. It's a simple tune that loops and loops and loops. Why does this still kind of creep me out to this day? It's just so damned strange to me! The guy just playing this song all day on his own in the windmill. It just doesn't sit right with me. I adore this song and it is probably one of my favourites from the incredible Koji Kondo score. If you haven't played this game, you guys are really missing out.

8. Manhunt- View Of Innocence- PS2
Craig Connor
Rockstar Games, how I love you. You brought us the GTA franchise, Max Payne, L.A Noire, Red Dead Redemption and one of my all time favourite games, Manhunt. I remember buying this with my silver PS2 back in the day (it was an early Christmas present and apparently the silver PS2 was a quieter console than the standard one, thanks for the BS Sony!). I also picked up Sandinista! by The Clash but that's another story. Playing this for the first time and witnessing something so brutal was fantastic. This game got hated on but I say well done Rockstar for bringing gaming to a new level. Craig Connors fantastic ambient yet violent score just made this game perfection. I am picking this song not just as a single track but as a symbol of the whole soundtrack which just throws you right in the atmosphere. Hiding behind corners waiting for a masked scumbag waiting to try out the crowbar... what a thrill. I adore this game. So much in fact that I am actually writing a film adaptation that will probably never happen. Maybe there's a Let's Play for my Youtube channel in the future?

9. Super Mario World- Ghost House- SNESKoji Kondo
I know, another Super Mario song! What is wrong with me? Fuck me right? Guys, don't deny this track didn't at least creep you out a tiny little bit when you where a kid! Don't deny this track made you want to just get the hell out of the ghost house and find Yoshi again (why did Mario just leave Yoshi outside all the time? Is he not house trained?). When this track speeds up because you are running out of time, again, don't deny you where pumped just a little. Maybe it's me? Oh well, let's move on!

10. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis- Nemesis Fight Songs- PS1
Masami Ueda, Saori Maeda
To finish the list we aren't really ending on the scariest track or anything like that but we are talking about the best Resident Evil game which has probably one of the greatest bad guys in video game history. He scared the shit out of us (when he jumps through the window in the police station, I actually paused the game, ran downstairs and had a time out) but he also amazed the hell out of us. He even, if you where trying to kill him on every encounter probably annoyed the hell out of us. A persistent bastard that was so overpowered at the start but just got raped in later fights because of ice rounds. Yeah, on the surface he's a flawed soul but zombies and mutated creations aren't perfect, look what happened to Michael Jackson (HA! Say too soon to that bitches!) right? This track terrified me the first time and still makes me dread moving on to a new screen when I revisit this classic. What a track for such a guy! STARS!

There it is guys, my list of 10 songs that I think are some of the scariest pieces of video game music of all time. They don't all have the same affect on me now as they did back then but they will always be in the back of my mind. Be sure to check out the Bloody Disgusting post below guys and try this for yourself! It's fun to revisit those cherished gaming moments.



Saturday, 1 September 2012

She's Dead- A Real Time Horror Movie Completed

UPDATE (03/09/2012)I am too lazy to completely edit this post (yeah, professional I know) but over the past couple of days Nik has released a trailer which I will be putting at the end of the post for you guys to watch. Thanks guys.

 For those who are not aware of the work of Nik Box or his production company Dead Good Films Like, you definitely should. Not only is Nik a nice guy and good friend of Mondo Squallido but he's a bloody talented director. Look out for future posts where I talk about some of his films, you can click links down below to all sorts of goodness including the website where you can purchase his films. Recently, Nik wrapped up on his latest production, She's Dead which is a real time horror short and is a more serious horror film than his usual tongue in cheek cheese fests that friends and fans love, myself included. I am yet to see the film as it is still in it's editing stages so this is not a review, you can expect one as soon as I get to see this gem.
The film is essentially about a guy who wakes up after a one night stand and finds a dead woman next to him. What follows is the guy and his friends trying to figure out what the hell happened and what the hell to do. That's as much as I will say about the synopsis but from the sounds of it, it's going to be a genuinely interesting experience from the guy who gave us no budget future classics such as Brutal Jesus and Wrath Of The Violent Vicar. A very different direction indeed.
 Nik had more of a budget at his disposal for this one and actually started a Kickstarter page to raise awareness and funds for the film. Unfortunately, he didn't reach his full goal but with help of friends, Youtubers and brothers in cheese he managed to raise a good portion of the budget, enough to get the ball rolling. I have followed the progress of the film and I can say that it sounds like it was a fun and successful shoot, it's what you expect from the King of cheese and cult childhood films. Nik is definitely a guy I would love to work with in the future but that's another story. As you can see from the stills in this post, you have blood, eye candy and a man with an awesome beard... what more can you ask for?
 So that's the film update out of the way, now to some more exciting news. To celebrate the release of the film there will of course be a premier. The world premier of he's Dead will take place on October 25th at the Central Cinema in Torquay at 9 pm. The venue holds 200 people and there aren't tickets as such, the way you can get yourself a place is by donating, yes that's right. To get your place to watch what promises to be a nice little flick all you have to do is donate what you think is a reasonable price. The reason for this is to cover the costs for the premier which is roughly costing about half of what the film actually cost. So be a good sport, get in touch with Nik by checking out the links below and be part of what promises to be a special evening.

So there you have it guys, just a little post for a good friend of mine and a very talented director. If the poster above or the screenshots don't tempt you then you don't have a functioning brain. If you are interested and want to know more about the film you should check out the official Facebook page for updates and exclusive content. If you want to know more about Dead Good Films like or wnat to get your hands on some of the films then the links to the shop and to the Youtube page for trailers and of course go sub to Nik's personal page on Youtube for some great content, updates and all round good times.


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She's Dead Premier Info
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