Saturday, 1 September 2012

She's Dead- A Real Time Horror Movie Completed

UPDATE (03/09/2012)I am too lazy to completely edit this post (yeah, professional I know) but over the past couple of days Nik has released a trailer which I will be putting at the end of the post for you guys to watch. Thanks guys.

 For those who are not aware of the work of Nik Box or his production company Dead Good Films Like, you definitely should. Not only is Nik a nice guy and good friend of Mondo Squallido but he's a bloody talented director. Look out for future posts where I talk about some of his films, you can click links down below to all sorts of goodness including the website where you can purchase his films. Recently, Nik wrapped up on his latest production, She's Dead which is a real time horror short and is a more serious horror film than his usual tongue in cheek cheese fests that friends and fans love, myself included. I am yet to see the film as it is still in it's editing stages so this is not a review, you can expect one as soon as I get to see this gem.
The film is essentially about a guy who wakes up after a one night stand and finds a dead woman next to him. What follows is the guy and his friends trying to figure out what the hell happened and what the hell to do. That's as much as I will say about the synopsis but from the sounds of it, it's going to be a genuinely interesting experience from the guy who gave us no budget future classics such as Brutal Jesus and Wrath Of The Violent Vicar. A very different direction indeed.
 Nik had more of a budget at his disposal for this one and actually started a Kickstarter page to raise awareness and funds for the film. Unfortunately, he didn't reach his full goal but with help of friends, Youtubers and brothers in cheese he managed to raise a good portion of the budget, enough to get the ball rolling. I have followed the progress of the film and I can say that it sounds like it was a fun and successful shoot, it's what you expect from the King of cheese and cult childhood films. Nik is definitely a guy I would love to work with in the future but that's another story. As you can see from the stills in this post, you have blood, eye candy and a man with an awesome beard... what more can you ask for?
 So that's the film update out of the way, now to some more exciting news. To celebrate the release of the film there will of course be a premier. The world premier of he's Dead will take place on October 25th at the Central Cinema in Torquay at 9 pm. The venue holds 200 people and there aren't tickets as such, the way you can get yourself a place is by donating, yes that's right. To get your place to watch what promises to be a nice little flick all you have to do is donate what you think is a reasonable price. The reason for this is to cover the costs for the premier which is roughly costing about half of what the film actually cost. So be a good sport, get in touch with Nik by checking out the links below and be part of what promises to be a special evening.

So there you have it guys, just a little post for a good friend of mine and a very talented director. If the poster above or the screenshots don't tempt you then you don't have a functioning brain. If you are interested and want to know more about the film you should check out the official Facebook page for updates and exclusive content. If you want to know more about Dead Good Films like or wnat to get your hands on some of the films then the links to the shop and to the Youtube page for trailers and of course go sub to Nik's personal page on Youtube for some great content, updates and all round good times.


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