Friday, 27 July 2012

Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter, Rapid Eye Movies Release

(dir. Yasuharu Hasebe, 1970)
Rapid Eye Movies, Germany

Today we conclude our in depth looks at the trio of films Rapid Eye Movies kindly sent me. I would like to start by saying a massive thank you to all you guys at Rapid Eye Movies who not only produce high quality products but also provide lovers of film and fellow collectors with some great titles. Today's title is no exception. One of the films from the infamous Pinky Violence name, Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter. Again, we won't be looking at the film itself in terms of review as you will find countless reviews elsewhere. So without further a do, let's get this review started for all you Meiko Kaji fans out there.

 Again, we have the slipcase housing a slim digipack. And once again, what a fantastic job has been the done. The slipcase is brilliantly designed with a section of poster artwork on the front with some gorgeous, stylish typography. On the back, really nice and simple design that compliments the front. The digipack itself is nice and simple and contains some high quality photos of the film that are just awesome (especially the front, I think you may agree) Inside, unlike the previous editions we have looked at, you don't get much in terms of artwork. You get a nice and simple orange backdrop that just really goes well with the design itself. As usual we get the postcards and flyer which are just a really nice touch. The poster is a full version of the front cover and I personally think if they would have used the complete poster artwork on the front of the slip, it would have been a lot better. The only real flaw I can see with the poster is just the lack of imagery on the back but that is just a minor flaw.

Once again, the transfer and sound for this release is top notch. Again, Japanese audio with optional German subs means that if you are outside Germany, you will pick this up more as a collectors piece and boy is it a nice one for the shelf. Special features wise, you get the trailer and various other trailers. Overall, Rapid Eye have done well with the transfer. The only other version of this film I would suggest you could get that could be better is the Pinky Violence box set which is region 1 and hard to find for a decent price.

Well guys that is it for this little trilogy of posts and videos. Hope you guys have enjoyed these posts and most of all I hope I have turned you on to a potential new addition to the collection. Rapid Eye Movies are a fantastic company that puts the film lover and collectors in mind. Being a guy who's German is still rusty, I can truly appreciate the time and effort put in to this and the other releases I have had the pleasure of checking out. I shall definitely be picking up some more titles. So guys, check out those links down below and go check out what Rapid Eye Movies are all about!



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