Friday, 23 March 2012

Innerspace Volume 5: Cosmic Journey To The German Lands

Well, it's been a long time since the last compilation. Well, we missed a month but still, apologies for that. February has been something of a hectic month for Daniel and I. Myself, February was the month of my birthday and the month when the love of my life spent some time with me which was gorgeous. I was intending on doing an anti Valentines Day compilation because you don't need a card company to write a message for your loved one. I don't know why I decided not but, maybe it was uni work being a pain. Daniel however has been involved in some exciting projects that are going rather well which is amazing and thoroughly deserved, Unfortunately, Daniel, my disco brother in crime is not going to be helping me pick tracks because this is rather an impromptu compilation and is actually a personal subject.

This month's compilation has got a European feel to it. Volume 5 has a German flavour. Why Germany do you ask? Well, my girlfriend is from Germany and I thought that (even though she doesn't really like disco) I would give tribute to (yep, cheese factor turned to 11) her. Not only that but Germany has given so many great things like brilliant beer, spaltter films, scary morality tales for children and of course some fantastic music. Of course I jest, Germany is a fantastic cultural hot spot and of course is home to the bestest lady in the world!

This time I'm going to treat you to 12 fantastic pieces of musical bliss. Everything from some good old disco hits to some classic krautrock and of course some Hi NRG Europop and everything in between. Some songs and artists you may know and some you may not. Some of these tracks only came about while researching so I have discovered some great tracks and I hope that at the very least, you will too. So let's stop this rambling and get on with the goods:

1. Klaus Schulze- Timewind
2. Todd terje- Your My Heart Your My Soul
3. Lucifer's Friend- In The Time of Job When Mammon Was A Yippie
4. Casablanca- Angel Of Light
5. Peter Synthetik- Captain Berlin
6. Tangerine Dream- Le Parc
7. Tender Aggression- Train To Somewhere
8. Penny McLean- Lady Bump
9. ZaZa- Dschungel Liebe
10. Kreis- Wirst du da sein
11. Boney M- Trip Two (The Flying Squad Edit)
12. Kraftwerk- Metropolis

So as you can see, there is a lot for you tuck your teeth into. Thank you very much for stopping by and apologies about the lack of activity on the blog. As you guys can understand, it's been a very busy time. I hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day if you celebrated it and I hope you are having a nice start to the Spring.

Love you all for the continued support and especially my lady, ich lebe dich <3

Innerspace Volume 5

Pete x