Thursday, 28 November 2013

Ultimate Cinemageddon #2

Here it is a little earlier than usual (which is strange for me). The response I had from Part 1 was actually very overwhelming. I'm really happy with this new direction I am going in. I love teh experimentation involved. Sure I'm just using my iMovie software but it gets the job done. I'm not trying to be a superstar DJ (that phase is over) or anything like that but I can see the satisfaction those guys get when the beats blend and all that jazz. Although I was extremely happy with the first installment, I felt it was a little rough round the edges and some tracks went on for too long. Hopefully I think you will agree that this installment, although still flawed is a much more tighter production.

Before I forget, I would like to say that things have changed up a little bit. I won't be providing a folder like I did last time with all the individual, unmixed tracks. It takes up way too much space on my Dropbox account and I refuse to pay for a file hosting site (well, I can't afford it in all honesty) so if anyone hears a song in any of the mixes from now on, drop me a line and I will do my best to get them sent over to you. Another thing is, this installment is a bit longer and has much more treats so expect the project to change a lot as I progress and experiment.

One last thing and I will be doing a post on this here soon, but go over to check out the amazing project that is The Book. If you are a fan of Italian cinema then you are going to cream your pants when you read that. Also don't forget to check out their indiegogo page where you can contribute and receive some lovely treats for helping. Like I said, I will be going in to much detail soon but if you feel like it, you can check out a video made here.

But wait! I lied! There's one more thing I swear! I just passed 30,000 views on the blog. I know some of you guys may snigger because you get that traffic on a daily basis but man, thank you so much. Never thought anyone would interested in my crappy creative exploits, modest aren't I? What? You want your music now? Ok then...


Friday, 8 November 2013

Ultimate Cinemageddon #1

On this day I have some sad news. The Mondo Squallido Official Soundtrack series has come to an end. 10 volumes of cinematic bliss seemed to be a great cut off spot. I felt it was a great number to finish... Oh wait.... Just received a memo... Oh right... OK....

Where episode 10 ends, episode 1 of my new Ultimate Cinemageddon begins. It's essantially the same formula; 23 tracks comprised of music, excerpts and trailers to some of cinema's greatest (and sleaziest) moments. There is one big twist aside from a name change and a blurry logo however, it comes in both an unmixed and mixed form.

That's right, I have evolved a tiny bit and thanks to my video editing software (I need to get proper software at some time) I can now experiment. OK, superstar DJ's won't need to sleep with one eye open but I'm actually proud at how episode came out (especially considering it only took me an hour). Hopefully as the episodes go on, there will be a lot more experimentation and the creases will be ironed out.

Of course, to cut down on file sizes, the mixed version will be available through my Soundcloud page to download or listen at your pleasure. The unmixed version will be available directly from the blog. I think whenever a new episode is available, the unmixed files of the previous episodes will be deleted but the mixes will stay up for as long as possible.

Anyway, I'm going to stop waffling and give you the goods. One thing I am also doing differently from now on is not wasting your time giving a description of each track. My fingers hate me after every post!

Ultimate Cinemageddon #1 Mix: