Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Innerspace Volume 7: Kissed By The Cosmic Sun

Hello one and all, greetings from a sun soaked Germany. From the sounds of it, you could be having nice weather too which is great. It's been a really busy month here at Mondo Squallido. Lapping up all the weather, spending time with the lady and working on some new projects here. Hope you are all having a gorgeous time with friends and family. That explains why this month's Innerpsace is being uploaded right at the end of the month, had this comp waiting to go up for a while but hey, I'm lazy, what can I say?

This months compilation is of course the first of a few summery compilations. Yes, it technically isn't summer yet but gosh damn has it been gorgeous recently! That's why I'm not going too summery with this one. This is just to ease you into the summer mood. Having a BBQ? Drinking some Pimm's on the lawn? Sitting around the fire on a cool summer night? This is PERFECT for you all. That's why I haven't really included any party music or some good old French Touch which is fantastic for the summer months. Yeah, I'm not really selling this so I will shush and show you what you are getting in this month's sun kissed compilation.

1. Blondes- Water
2. Alan Parsons Project- Mammagamma
3. Actress- Caves Of Paradise
4. COS/MES- Mescat
5. Pink Skull- Get Inside (My Tiny Pyramids)
6. Antonio Carlos e Jocafi- Edicao Extra
7. Boards Of Canada- Peacock Tail
8. Vangelis- He-Ho (Leo Zero Re-work)
9. Ojeda Penn- Happy People
10. Lonnie Liston Smith- Sunset

As you can see… this isn't your typical "summer" playlist and there's a whole lot of variety in terms of genre but give it a chance bro! Hopefully, this feels as good for you as it did for me compiling it. Hopefully this selection of tracks will be the perfect soundtrack to the start of your summer. The next couple of months will of course be a little less left-field and a bit more obvious. So that's it guys, apologies if this post seems lackluster and apologies for the lateness. Just as long as you enjoy the tracks, that's all I want. I love doing this, I love sharing music.

Have a good summer guys!