Wednesday, 27 June 2012

SOUTHSIDE 2012: A Review

 Well this is being posted up later than planned. I'm actually writing this the day after our journey home but due to internet issues while I was away… going to be up late, not that it matters of course. I have of course just spent the weekend at the Southside Festival in Germany. I spent the weekend with my beautiful girlfriend and her awesome friend Seppster. It was overall, amazing! I have been to many festivals before but never actually camped for a whole one. A weekend full of great music, uncomfortable beds, fear of using toilets and all round good times with everything in between. I figured that I need to blog more and a what a perfect time to do a run down of the bands/ artists I had the pleasure of watching.


Last time I saw Busy P was at the Warehouse Project in Manchester a couple of years back. Unfortunately I wasn't too impressed with his song selection. I had however, seen him a year earlier at the same place and he was amazing. In a nutshell, he was more amazing than the first time. Having to deal with one of his decks breaking all the time, like a true champ he carried on and pumped out some great tunes. I had dragged my girlfriend to see him, wasn't really her thing but she enjoyed it. Busy P! What the fuuuuuck!?


Die Artze are my girlfriend's favourite band and she has seen them countless times. I was first introduced to these guys through her early on in our relationship and even though they of course sing in German, they are still enjoyable and my God, do they know how to put on  show for their fans. Three talented musicians full of charisma and full of genuine wit… plus Farin the bassist drinks tea on stage. What's not to love? Oh and a little bit of trivia, Die Arzte where the first of 2 acts at Southside who used a 9/11 reference. Seems legit.


Oh Gaspard, I still have a worryingly big amount of love for you but sort the hair out. I miss your shorter curly… oh wait… Justice are one of my favourite acts of all time. This is the third time I have seen them live. The first time was their first run of live shows, the second a DJ set at Warehouse Project and this third time with their newer show. All I can say is that seeing Justice live is an experience that everyone must try. Great sound and an amazing light show. This show is a lot better than their first run but I have to say [SPOILER ALERT] I do miss Masters Of Puppets being their finale. Gaspard and Xavier, thank you, it was amazing!



This was Seppster's choice and I have to say I thought it was damn good. My dad has told me about these guys for a few years but I never got round to checking them out properly aside from their more popular songs. This was a great way to be introduced properly, I shall be inducting these guys to my prestigious itunes music library sometime soon.


Another German act suggested by my girlfriend. I was only intending on seeing a couple of songs to pass the time before another act started but after listening to the "gangster" lyrics lovingly translated by my girlfriend and the genuinely awesome music. I enjoyed it. Not to be taken seriously at all and from I gather the guys are just having fun and being very ironic with their songs about fucking your mother and other family friendly activities. Give these guys a listen, they're fun!


Only caught the last 20 minutes of their set because of K.I.Z. I have to say, not really heard too many songs from these guys aside from the ones that used to play on MTV2 and the indie music channels that used to be on Sky. From what I had heard, I pictured that this would be epic and fr the most part it was. Some great music but like I said, only saw the last couple of songs. I shall be having a further listen soon though.


Shiny happy music for people who love to wear flannel shirts and buy fair trade food… oh and think of Starbucks as a statement of their place in society. That being said, I love Starbucks (Caramel Machiatio is my official coffee) and I love The Shins. Not because it's cool to do so but because they create great music and their live show was very good. You probably love The Shins so I don't need to say more. Great stuff.


Another highlight for me and an even bigger highlight for my girlfriend. We both love The Cure and Robert Smith and to share a moment like this with the one you love stays with you man. A great set mixing the classics with the new. Not too familiar with recent stuff but hearing Robert Smith's fantastic voice singing our favourites was amazing. He still has a great voice and props to him for keeping the same look and not going all clean on us. Smith seems like a genuinely beautiful person and his almost childlike innocence is refreshing. If you haven't please go see The Cure if you can. Love Catsssssssss!


One of those "You have to at least once in your life…." moments. Being a MASSIVE fan of electronic music and a lover of the city of Manchester… this was amazing for me. I remember my dad playing stuff like Smiths, Joy Division, New Order… (you know the artists awesome dads like) all the time as a child. Joy Divions helped me learn guitar instead of going down the "Smoke On The Water" route. Seeing songs like "Blue Monday", "Temptation" as well as classic Joy Division songs such as "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is something for the heart to behold. It's a real shame Hooky isn't a part of it anymore but it doesn't matter because a loofa these producers nowadays and their pre teen followers don't come anywhere near as special as New Order, arguably one of the most important bands of all time, especially for electronic music. Another reason why this was so special for me was because I again, shared it with the one I love. You can't ask for more. Oh and thank you dad if you are reading for giving me the ability to appreciate great music.



"Just leave him alone because the boy's bad news…." These guys where awesome. Full of charisma a great catalogue of songs. Again, a band that I knew because of a couple of songs and again, a band who will be gracing the prestigious Mondo Squallido music library sometime soon. A real fun performance and I don't know the frontman's but you sir are one cool motherfucker.


Very solid and enjoyable set. I am not the biggest Wolfmother fan but I do like them a lot. There was a crazy girl next to us who was either French or on good drugs who enjoyed this a lot more than probably anyone else did. Aside from constantly standing on mine and my girlfriend's toes… I salute your…. mental side. I think you need good beer or evidently, good drugs to really appreciate Wolfmother. Not bad but can't say I remember much…


One of those bands who you have no fucking idea who they are but you've heard their songs all time. From moody teenagers who think they have lived to flicking through channels like Kerrang and Scuzz on Sky. One of my girlfriend's favourites so of course I will give it a try and a try is all I gave it. Only saw the first two or three songs because I was again waiting for another act. I have to say, not bad. Don't think I'll be racing to the nearest record store but if Jeanny's got a CD or two I'll have a go.


OK. Fisrt things first. THIS WAS THE GREATEST FUCKING THING I SAW AND LISTENED TO!!!! I fucking love SebastiAn. One of my favourite producers ever and one of my face Ed Rec Cru members. Just his whole middle finger to modern and popular electronic music is amazing. He uses sounds that I have never heard used before in a way that they shouldn't actually work but they do. SebastiAn and Oizo seriously need to collab more or at least release stuff together because that would literally blow up the world. Sorry Rise Against but I definitely made the right choice here. The only act I saw on my own and I'm kind of glad because I danced like a man possessed. To put my thoughts on this live experience in a paragraph is just impossible but believe me when I say that you NEED to experience SebastiAn and you need to do it now. I knew the live show was going to be amazing because his music live is amazing and after seeing him DJ at Warehouse Project at 4 in the morning when everyone is fucked and literally having 10 seconds of droning, distorted noise building up, killing your ears at the start of his DJ set while he continues to give the middle finger to the audience and even lying down smoking a cir… yeah I have gone off track but Jesus, GO SEE SEBASTIAN NOW! Oh and another bit of trivia… contained the second 9/11 joke/ reference. CTFO!


Remember right at the start of this run down I said I dragged Jeanny to Busy P? Well, this was my "punishment" if you will. I will happily go on record to say that I never have and never will be a fan or a lover of the music of Blink 182. That being said, this was actually a great performance. The fans loved it, Blink knew it, they milked it… everyone loved it. A lot more enjoyable than expected. Plus, this also had a special feel to it because not only did it take me back to my youth, more importantly the skateboarding (I would have been better than Rodney Mullen if I would have carried on) but the fact that Jeanny was lost in the music of band who she adores… it was a gorgeous situation to be in. Call me old fashioned but moments like this make life amazing. Oh by the way, I gave up watching Stone Roses to see Blink…. don't worry, never really cared for the Stone Roses anyway.

So there you have it, a rather impressive list of acts if I do say so myself. Aside from the great music, it was just a great experience all round. Spending time like this with awesome people and just living in filth was awesome. I was always skeptical of the festival experience but I have to say I rather enjoyed it. If the information is still on the site I will be putting the link down below so you can see who else played. I had an awesome time and have moments that will stay with me. Jeanny if you are reading this, our first festival together was amazing and I can't wait for more!

Because I am feeling the love right now, I thought I would share a few pointers and give my words of wisdom to you guys:

1. Girls, don't dress like you're going to be included in a street fashion article, you just look stupid. Boys, now is the perfect time to wear women's clothing and customise your own, it's comfortable and you are allowed!

2. Tinned ravioli is love in a tin.

3. It may be hard at first but overcoming the fear of festival toilets is a must.

4. note to self… I need to make a music system from a car CD Player and some speakers… that shit looked and sounded awesome.

So yeah, that's me out. Here's a photo of me kinda looking like a girl… sorry ladies… and boys but I'm taken ;)



Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Frankenography by Mark Ryan

She dances by night, sleeps by day
Pin-up, burlesque, dancing display
She whips up a storm from 1am till 4
Has a shy assistant to collect her limbs from the floor

Stitches and knots keep her in good shape
And if she runs out there’s always gaffer tape
Dollar bills and vodka shots is how she spends her nights
See-through corset and sheer black tights

Employed by the devil in the pits of hell
His personal bar where blood is all they sell
Her soundtrack every evening, is death and decay
Not much rhythm but then she doesn't get paid

Boogie with Beelzebub, Getting nasty with Ol Nick
Jiving with spring-heeled jack is her new party trick
Satanists and god-botherers buy her latest DVD
Ghouls Gone Wild Volume 6: Frankenography

Mark Ryan

Look out for short stories and tales from Mark Ryan who is a very talented friend of mine. Hope you guys out there enjoyed this and share the work.