Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Frankenography by Mark Ryan

She dances by night, sleeps by day
Pin-up, burlesque, dancing display
She whips up a storm from 1am till 4
Has a shy assistant to collect her limbs from the floor

Stitches and knots keep her in good shape
And if she runs out there’s always gaffer tape
Dollar bills and vodka shots is how she spends her nights
See-through corset and sheer black tights

Employed by the devil in the pits of hell
His personal bar where blood is all they sell
Her soundtrack every evening, is death and decay
Not much rhythm but then she doesn't get paid

Boogie with Beelzebub, Getting nasty with Ol Nick
Jiving with spring-heeled jack is her new party trick
Satanists and god-botherers buy her latest DVD
Ghouls Gone Wild Volume 6: Frankenography

Mark Ryan

Look out for short stories and tales from Mark Ryan who is a very talented friend of mine. Hope you guys out there enjoyed this and share the work.

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