Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Woman Called Abe Sada Rapid Eye Movies Release

A Woman Called Abe Sada
(dir. Noboru Tanga, 1975)
Rapid Eye Movies, Germany

Today we look at the second of three releases sent to me from the German company that where generous enough to send me some DVDs to look at. Today we are looking at a film based on a true story from the 30's. Again, I won't be talking about the film itself, maybe at a later date. We are looking at the release itself, just like the Hanzo release. So without further a do… let's look at the release!

As you can see, this release is of the same quality of the Hanzo release we looked at first. You get the fantastically designed slipcase containing a gorgeous and simple cover design. Unlike the Hanzo release, this isn't a piece of poster artwork but a new design. As you take off the slip we get some gorgeous photography on the digipack, especially inside. As usual you get the wonderful array of postcards and flyer showcasing various films from the Rapid Eye Movies films catalogue. Not sure wether you will get the exact same cards in each edition as it seems a bit random which is awesome because you can potentially use doubles. The poster again showcases what seems to be an original Japanese design which is gorgeous and again would look lovely in a frame. Well that's the presentation and supplementary material, let's have a look at how the film actually looks!

Again, this release looks really gorgeous, especially for a DVD release. The sound is just as great but like the previous review, I cannot stress enough that this being a German release for a German audience so you only get Japanese audio and German subtitles. Again, these releases are for the people who know the language or for collectors. In terms of extras you get various info about the film and of course trailers for the film and catalogue. Again, finding other features on other releases will be tricky so you really cannot complain. Overall, the film itself looks and sounds good and is a full uncut print from what I gather.

If you are a fan of this film or Asian cinema in general, this could be a potentially a nice release for the collection as long as you have a cheaper copy of a different edition in case you don't know Japanese or German. Overall, Rapid Eye Movies have done yet another fantastic job with this film for the Nippon Classics. Click those links down below and check out Rapid Eye Movies!


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