Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Some Guy Who Kills People Review

Modern horror comedies recently have been very hit and miss. They are either overly cheesy and get dull or are just plain unfunny. That is why when I first head of Some Guy Who Kills People I was kinda worried that this was just another disposable horror comedy to add to the avoid pile. Three major factors made me change my mind and want to give this a watch. Number one, it is the first film put out by Grimm Entertainment label. Number two, John Landis (An American Werewolf In London) is the executive producer and number three, it has a kick ass trailer. Probably out of the three main reasons, the fact that Grimm Entertainment is the new venture from Grimmfest which is Manchester based company that puts on it's own festival and has screenings of some fantastic films. I took a chance and got in touch and the guys kindly sent me a disco for me to review, so let's get started by checking out some still from the film:

 Some Guy follows the story of Ken a comic book obsessed loner who has been recently released from "the loony bin" after he spent years there recovering from the torture he received at the hands of some jocks he insulted in his comic book. He works in an ice cream parlour and lives with his rather harsh and bitchy mother who is constantly disappointed. Ken's life is about to get a little more interesting as he is unwittingly reuinted with his estranged daughter, getting romantically involved with a bumbling British cutie and not to mention the jocks that had tortured him years earlier are mysteriously getting picked off one by one in some gruesome ways. Will he develop a bond with his daughter? Will his new relationship last? Who is behind the attacks? Is Ken seeking out his revenge? That is for you and the not too bright police department to find out. Be careful though, it's going to be bloody!
Overall, this is hands down one of the best horror comedies to be released in a long time. Not only is the comedy genuinely funny but it never oversteps the boundaries of taste. The scenes involving the police, especially the Sheriff (Barry Bostwick) have the best laughs and they kinda remind me of the cops from the original Last House On The Left. Ken is played perfectly by  Kevin Corrigan who puts in a genuine and honest performance. His love interest Stephanie is played by Lucy Davis who is pretty much playing the character she plays in most things, the bumbling British character. Both are likeable and work well together. The rest of the cast, especially Ken's daughter Amy also put in some great performances. This is a well put together cast indeed. The story is simple but never boring and has some twists and turns. The kills although not the most imaginative are pulled off brilliantly and the gore is spot on. A bonus is that there doesn't seem to be a drop of CGI at all in this film and if there is, it's done brilliantly.

This film is a well balanced horror comedy at a time where horror comedies are hit and miss. There is a fine balance of comedy and drama. There are some genuinely dark and tense moments which add to the experience. It may not be the most goriest slasher or the most absurd but it sure is a hugely entertaining film from the director who brought us the cheese fest Mega Shark v.s Giant Octopus. The kills are satisfying and overall, the film feels almost like a flick from the late 80's or early 90's. If like me, you are bored of horror comedies, then check this one out as it will restore your faith in this over saturated sub genre. This is a great first release of hopefully many from Grimm Entertainment and is well worth the price of admission.


Some Guy Who Kills People is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and on demand from Grimm Entertainment and Koch Media. Home release includes a making of and an audio commentary.


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