Saturday, 20 October 2012

She's Dead (2012) Review

Artwork by Fwah Storm.
So I just got finished watching the new film from Nik Box. If you follow the blog or my Youtube then you will already be aware of Nik's films, especially this one. I have already done a post on the making of and the story of the film which you can check out in the archives. I have known Nik for a couple of years now and have been a fan of his films ever since watching the first entry into his Christsploitation trilogy, Brutal Jesus which is a riot and I am sure you will see a post on that sometime in the future. She's Dead is a completely different kettle of fish and is actually a completely different direction of most of Nik's filmography. Usually Nik's are reeking of pure, unapologetic campy cheese with the comedy just as fantastically slapstick. She's Dead however, tones down the comedy and is much darker experience.

The film follows Ben who wakes up from a heavy one the night before. He has a problem, there's a dead woman in his company. We've all bee there chaps and lasses I think you'll agree. Understandably Ben is confused and in a panic as to what to do and how he got in this situation. This leads him to get in touch with a big, bearded guy by the name of Mr. Clean who has a ponytail and short fuse. He does appreciate a good cup of tea though! Together, Mr. Clean and Ben start trying figure out just how they're going to get rid of the body. It goes from bad to worse as Ben's friend Barry unwittingly gets involved into the equation much to Mr. Clean's distaste. Barry is a, let's say sick motherfucker who not only revels in the situation but also has a few ideas with his new friend, the corpse. What happens from there is something you will have to see for yourselves. I will however say that what happens takes this already solid film to another level.

Overall, what we have here is a darkly comedic story that starts off bad for our main character and just gets even worse. This film looks and sounds fantastic. This is thanks to Nik's direction, especially his eye of setting up a scene and the choice of music throughout. Every song has a different feel and genre and compliments the situation in the relevant scene perfectly. Not only is the film technically solid (the film took 4 days to shoot and it still feels like it IS actually filmed in real time thanks to Nik's editing) but the performances from all those involved is just as good. The dialogue from Barry and Mr. Clean is where the comedy lies. A big hats off to the woman playing the corpse too.

If you like independent horror that is dark, you will love this. If you like Nik's previous work you are in for a treat because yes, this film is a big break from the norm but probably the best thing is, you can tell it's a Nik Box and Dead Good Films Like production. It could have really missed the target but Jesus Christ did this deliver. It's a welcomed change in pace and style that I hope to see more in Nik's work. This is a job well done especially when you take in to consideration that there was a crew of one (Nik himself), a cast of 4, a 4 day shoot and of course an £800 budget. Not many directors deliver when they a couple more 0's added on to that budget. A fantastic, easy flowing piece that takes a brilliant concept into an even more brilliant finished piece that you can easily watch more than once.

You can preorder the film by checking out the store here.

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