Thursday, 22 December 2011

Innerspace Volume 3: Festive Spice

Hello everyone... oh wait, I need to pop on my Santa hat and do this properly. Seasons greetings readers, lovers, disco deviants... whatever or whoever you are. Thank you for stopping by. I hope everyone's festivities are in full swing and you and your own are having a jolly good shin dig. Ok, enough of the festive cheer, I'm too much of a Scrooge... but I do have a heart of gold because it's time for more Innerspace goodness. Again, Daniel and I have compiled some fantastic tunes for you all. This time however, in the true theme of Christmas we are treating you that little bit more by compiling a few more tracks than usual. See, I'm not all bad!

So what is this months theme? Christmas songs? Alternative Christmas songs? No!? Not even covers of Christmas songs!? Nope, Daniel and I... actually no, Daniel deserves the credit for this months theme. We are not going to give you a krautrock renditions of classic Christmas carols (although... I seriously hope such things exist) or a smooth, R'n'B renditions of Christmas classics. Not anywhere close people. For this month we are seriously treating you with some nice, hot musical treats. We are warming up your feet, swapping your eggnog with a cocktail or some rum. We are taking you on a trip to warmer pastures where the hectic Christmas shopping is being replaced with the laid back vibes of the dance hall.

In the third installment of Innerspace you are going to be treated to some nice African, Latin, North American vibes. You see that snow covering your car? That's now beach towel on the golden sands of the Ivory Coast. You see those overly excited children tugging at your loved ones sleeve? That's the sultry, Latina barmaid bringing you some tropical delights. I think you get the picture now? Are you sitting back yet? Good. The music is going to speak for itself so I am going to stop yapping and let you enjoy this next hour or so. We aren't even going to talk about the songs because hey, it's Christmas... the best thing is the surprise right?
1. Gene Harris- Listen Here (Dan)
2. Deodato- Latin Flute (Pete)
3. Black Uhuru- Utterance (Dan)
4. Antonio Carlos E Jocafi- Simbarer (Pete)
5. Jackie Mittoo- Evening Time (Dan)
6. Carlos Garnett- Chana (Pete)
7. Archie Bell & The Drells- Tighten Up (Dan)
8. Lee Perry & The Upsetters-  One Armed Boxer (Dan)
9. Eko- Manyaka (Pete)
10. Hugh Masekela- Ashiko (Pete)
11. Joni Haastrup- Greetings (Pete)
12. Milton Henry- Good Old Days (Dan)
13. Chakachas- Stories (Pete)
14. Mikey Dread- Zodiac Sound (John Peel Session) (Pete)
15. Astrud Gilberto & Walter Wanderley- Nega (Dan)
16. Ahmad Jamal- Peace At Last (Dan

Well, there you have it. Like I said, no descriptions on the songs because we really want you to discover these gems for yourself. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas... I know, rich coming from Scrooge here.... and I hope you all enjoy these tracks Daniel and I lovingly put together for you.

Pete and Daniel x

Innerspace Volume 3

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