Friday, 30 December 2011

Innerspace NYE Special

This compilation is dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend who without her, I wouldn't be inspired to create this series and any other projects. Love you so much baby.
Wow. I bet you never thought you would see another post from me this year? Well, truthfully, neither did I. That's until my Innerspace partner in crime Daniel suggested just after posting the Christmas compilation that we do a New Years compilation. Of course! It makes sense! So after slapping myself in the face repeatedly, I regained composure and plucked into the depths of my brain... and my itunes library. We wanted this compilation to be the grooviest, funkiest jumpin' collection of jams. Stuff that will well and truly make you want to shake, shake, shake, shake your booty. It doesn't matter if you are having a lonely celebration, a small gathering or a grandiose party... these fine cuts of disco... beef (???) will definitely help you all from the start of the party, all the way to the early hours of the new year.

Just like the Christmas compilation (did you enjoy your sun filled Christmas party?) we want the music to do the talking so y'all can just concentrate on having a good time. So what are you getting on this New Years feast I hear you ask?

1. Linkwood Family- Who La La (D)
Hamilton Bohammon- South African Man (P)
3. Locksmith- Far Beyond (U- Turn Edit) (D)
The Clash- Dirty Harry (Speed Mix) (P)
Bootsy Collins- Psychoticbumpschool (P)
Sequence- And You Know That (D)
Aquarian Dream- You're A Star (D)
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson- Racetrack In France (P)
Kool & The Gang- Spirit Of The Boogie (P)
Howard Johnson- Keeping Love New (D)
Anorak- 100MPH (P)
BB & Q Band- Imagination (D)

Ouch! My feet are hurting already! Hopefully these tracks will help finish your year and greet a new one in. A real treat for you, your friends... and if so... the cats you are spinning for. Trying to compile a 12 track compilation was tough. Thank goodness Daniel has to suffer too... although, it's all good. Innerspace started out as an alias for my "music" and seeing it grow to a monthly compilation is great. Even though it's still in it's infancy, the response we have had with this is really rewarding. What is truly rewarding however is being able to work alongside cats like Daniel and essentially just compile a nice selection of songs for people to hear. The whole process is in itself is rewarding. I get to spend time once a month rummaging through my library, hear some great choices from Dan... some new, some old favourites. Music is a powerful art form and has been with us from the dawn of time in one way or another. So before I end up sounding like the old fart on the chair delving deep inside and filling the room with words of wisdom, I want to thank each and everyone of you guys who have read these posts, downloaded the comps and took time out of your lives to listen to some great music and enjoy the work Dan and I have put together. I would also like to thank Dan for being my soul brother and partner in crime. If it wasn't for you Dan this wouldn't be as fun as it is. I would also like to thank again, my beautiful girlfriend Jeanny who has made this latter half of the year amazing for me.

So let's raise our glasses, put on our dancing shoes and see out another year and let in a prosperous new one. Have a safe one guys and see you next time for some Innerspace goodness.

Peace and love x

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