Saturday, 14 April 2012

Innerspace Volume 6: Stranger In A Strange Land

Greetings from Germany my friends! As some of you guys who know in the real life, Youtube or the Book of Face, you will know that I am currently in Germany and will be here for the next 6 months. I am spending time with the love of my life which is amazing and to top it off, I'm in a gorgeous city in a fantastic country and hey, the weathers nice for the most part, the alcohol is cheap plus they play Bob Ross on TV late at night.... you dig? In all seriousness though, I'm the happiest I have ever been with the single most important person I have ever met in my life and we have the greatest kitty in the world. Life is wunderbar! Now you might be thinking "well that's all well and good Pete, happy for you but what musical delights are you treating us to this month?". Well this month is something a bit personal that maybe I will only truly "get" but I hope at the very least you like the songs I am providing you. Like last month, I am going lon wolf on this one. Daniel is going from strength to strength with his own endeavours and it makes me even prouder and happier day by day knowing he's my soul brother. So I figured, he has some bigger fish to fry right now... not that he would mind of course you understand! So yes, let me stop waffling on give you the goods...

This months compilation (half a year already!?) is like I said, something a tad personal to me but I am sure a lot of you guys have experienced the same or something similar. I have been in Germany for 2 weeks now and I have to say I am settled in and feeling very comfortable in a new country, new surroundings and learning (very slowly and painfully) a new language. Today however, I experienced something which has only happened to me a few times before. I ventured to the shopping centre to pick up some things for the weekend and decided to walk there. It's only a 10 - 15 minute walk but hey, I got a little lost so it took a bit longer but as I was doing this, every so often a song would play on my ipod where I would get goosebumps. Have you guys ever experienced being in a new city, listening to your music and THAT song comes on which almost transports you to another dimension or gives the city an atmosphere? It's hard to explain but I hope some of you guys can relate. Bottom line is, it just proves to you how different a situation can be witha  different song and just how powerful music can be. So yes, there are 12 songs today folks that I really think capture what I felt today. You could say this is a companion piece to the Journey compilation or even a sort of sequel.
1. Joni Haastrup- Greetings
2. Stephen Falken- Shadow Of The Wind
3. Boards Of Canada- 1969
4. Lonnie Liston Smith- Summer Nights
5. Lindstrøm- Another Station (Todd Terje Remix)
6. Alan Parsons Project- Mammagamma
7. Maethelvin- Lost In The big City
8. The Clash- Justice Tonight/Kick It Over
9. Pamala Stanley & Paul Parker- Stranger In A Strange Land
10. DJ Mehdi- Anything Is Possible (Feat. Vinia Mojica)
11. Blondes- Paradise city
12. Psychic Ills- Meta

So there we go gang. A very, very mixed bag of stuff here. Lots of different moods, feelings, atmospheres. Music for different times of the day, from the easy grooves of walking to the shop on an orange blanketed sky to the high energy of a good club night. You don't even have to be in a strange place to appreciate or even feel what I felt. These songs have the power to change your surroundings. These songs have the power to take you to a different place. Overall, I just hope you get some joy and get turned on to some great artists. Share the music and the good times my friends. Life is too short so you got to make the most of every little feeling, every moment. Safe journeys my friends and if you are in a  new city pop this compilation and see what happens.


Innerspace Volume 6

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