Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Innerspace Volume 4: Fresh Start

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a good one filled with happy and maybe drunken times... oh come off it I know you all drank yourselves silly! It's allowed though! I hope you had a great 2011 and I hope this year will be even better for you all. We thought to kick start Innerspace in the new year we would share some of our favourite edits. What a better way to start the new year. New years are about new beginnings and we thought that edits would be great and fit the theme. These are edits that have breathed new life into old songs. These are edits that have turned us on to great artists and producers. These are edits that just sound and feel great.

So without further or do (or is it further a do?) let's quit the gabble and get on with the good stuff. 10 delicious cuts of prime edit goodness.

1. Rio Edits- Paradise (D)
2. Kool And The Gang-  Hi De Hi Hi De Ho [dublinbusdisco edit] (P)
3. Fantastic Man- Groove With You (D)
4. Anorak- The Locust (P)
5. Check The Guns- And You Know That (JC Edits) (D)
6. Gabor Szabo-  Keep Smiling (Super Value Special Edits) (D)
7. Lovefingers- 1984 (Summer Of Lovefingers Mix) (P)
8. Marvin Gaye- Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Rework) (D)
9. Daz Dalton- Greatest Dancer (Daz Digs Disco Re Edit) (P)
10. Yarbrough & Peoples- Don't Chop The Music (P)

So there you guys. I think you will enjoy these. Daniel and I have done a great job if I do say so myself! I hope this aids you into your start of 2012. Let's hope that this year the compilations keep coming and I look forward to providing you some great music. Hopefully, the mean SOPA, PIPA and ACTA won't stop us from sharing one of the greatest gifts, the music.

Innerspace Volume 4


  1. hi, i downloaded it, but it doesn't work on my computer. is there any other way i can access your mix? thanks.

    1. Oh my, apologies for getting back months after your question. (I seem to never get notified properly with comments from any medium... plus I'm a bit lazy). I have just tried downloading it myself and it seems to be working fine. What exactly is the problem when you download it?

      Maybe I will be able to upload it to my Dropbox account and email you the link?

      Have you been having any issues with other compilations on the blog? I am really sorry about that, hopefully we can get this sorted out for you :)