Sunday, 9 October 2011

Mr. Oizo- STADE 2

Hey guys and girls.
As most of you already know, Mr. Oizo announced that there will be a new album released very soon. This is actually, pretty old news so I'm doing this post just say how excited I am for this album! Most people are excited for the new Justice album which, I must confess, am not too excited for. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy the hairy Parisian duo is back (Gaspard man crush REIGNITED!) but from the sampler that has been released... sounds very samey. I do love the fact that the guys have gone in a new almost prog rock direction with the album but from the sampler... it just sounds samey. Hopefully, when it's released I'll be blown away and play the album non stop. Initially, I was dreading they'd just be doing a Cross Part 2 or making the album sound like it was someone trying to replicate that "Justice sound" but yeah, like the new direction!
Back to the point of this post. Like I was saying, I'm am so friggin' excited for this album. I am especially excited after hearing the snippet of Douche Beat doing the rounds in many Youtube clips and the studio quality preview also the FRANCE7 track that Oizo put up on his Soundcloud. Very exciting tracks that if you are reading this and haven't listened... why are you still reading!? It's not as if an Oizo track can let you down. I know for a fact that the album is going to reek of fucked up brilliance and I'm going to love it so much! I even love the artwork designed by the illustration/ Design king, SO_ME. The cover is adapted from a very famous David Hockney piece and boy does it look awesome.

I will definitely be picking this up and doing a review on here and on the Youtube page. Hopefully, if all goes well I might be able to get my hands on an early review copy so if I do, expect a review as soon as I get it, if not... I'm sure some better informed blogs will satisfy you until I pick it up myself. Not gonna lie, the wait is killing me! I'll be a very happy chappy when I listen to this album. In fact here's a review for you already.... GO BUY IT! Quentin is one of my all time favourite people ever and a huge influence on me creatively. Whether it be his music, film, exceptional music or his oddly amusing tweets... I just love the guy! This and the Justice album are going to end a very sad year for Ed Banger (Stay Black Mehdi. Hope the parties are good wherever you are!) Ed Banger... release wise, these are going to end a good musical year for Ed Banger (boy do I love the SebastiAn album). So, like Rubber... there was no reason for this post but I just had to write how excited I am for all of this! Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment and hope everything is going good where you are.


Before I go, please check out Seven Shades Of Black's new issue... I will be doing a post dedicated to this magazine that I contribute to but yeah for now, check out the new issue... especially if DJ Mehdi touched you like he did me and the rest of the SSOB team:

Seven Shades Of Black Issue 3

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